Sunday, February 12, 2017

Armenian Music

How many people will come to a concert of Armenian music? asked a relative who wondered why I was coing so early to be sure to get a good seat. For this concert, every chair in the room, on the bottom floor of the Mayer Museum for Islamic Art, was full, people sat on the stairs, and at least two people sat on the floor. We were not disappointed.

The four musicians were not Armenian. the ensemble plays music from various cultures in the area using local instruments, fiddles played with slack bows, wooden flutes, exotic drums. The vocalist sang with great beauty and depth, and yet in the folk tradition. I doubt she makes a living doing this. I am surprised there are so many lovely voices are there that this one is not famous.

I seem to remember the museum formerly being called something like, "Art of Islamic Areas," which makes more sense, as Armenia became Christian about 1700 years ago and stayed that way.

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