Thursday, April 30, 2009

Living near the PM

For the visitor, even for a visitor staying in Jerusalem for a month or two, or a year, living near the prime minister's house is a plus. A walk past the casual sentry puts you where history is being made.

A long car arrives, windows curtained. You recall news stories to mind to guess who's inside.

But the longtime neighbors dislike the disruption. Often a side street is closed because the PM will be driving in or out. For some well-known visitors all vehicular traffic is stopped and even pedestrians are restricted.

Owners of neighboring apartments want the PM's official residence moved. Everyone else says NIMBY. And so a hugely expensive residence is planned on open ground.

But perhaps those who live within a block or two of the current residence only wish to demonstrate blase sophistication. Surely they'll miss the excitement when only historical walking tours clog the sidewalks.

Copyright 1009 Jane S. Fox