Friday, November 13, 2009


Sandal strap's torn? Handle on your tote's come loose from the stitching? The cobbler in the tiny hut on Keren Kayemet, outside the post office, will do the repair.

I brought him my carry-all tote. One leather strap had come out from the stitching. I asked if he could repair that and reinforce the other three points of attachement. He asked if I wanted to wait.

While I sat on the lastic chair outside, he gave me tea and biscuits. Very hot tea. More than I thought I could drink. But I did. And my tote can once more carry netbook, cheese, apples, carrots, cucumbers, figs. . .

Just about everyone who walked past said hello to him.

If you don't speak Hebrew, gesture will tell him what repair you want.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prima Kings Hotel

The Prima Kings Hotel, where King George meets Ben Maimon (and Agron and changes its name to Keren HaYesod ( ) is good value for the money. If they have a room ready, they’ll let you check in at noon (three hours early). Check out time is noon, but the fee for late check out is quite reasonable -- great if you’re taking one of those midnight flights. The rooms are very nice and a reasonable size. There are luxury touches a clothesline across the bathtub and a hairdryer to get those slacks that last bit dr. You can use an iron on the 6th floor. The TV is a bit tricky because it has extraa features like radio reception. Lots of channels. The breakfast is wonderful, better, in my opinion than at the Inbal, a more expensive hotel (though the Kings is not exactly cheap). The lobby is very pleasant. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Tell reception if you want late check out. Also if you want them to order a shutte (sheroot) to the airport.

But, like most (maybe all) hotels they give a bad currency exchange rate. Well, that's a courtesy service, not their business. Convert your money at any of the no-comission store-fronts instead.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jerusalem Inn Hotel

The room was neat and clean but cramped and unfortunately so near the reception desk (whose clerk was very sociable) and so poorly soundproofed (not at all) that it was very noisy until 11 PM, when the desk closed. Bathroom was actually largish. Breakfast was meagre. Only the forlorn cheese triangles and scant chopped salad were reminiscent of an Israeli hotel breakfast. They did have cold cereal, so if you only like the familiar, you might be happy enough with that. Other guests were several Europeans who looked travel savvy and an American family with kids. Price is low, but if you're staying for more than a day or two, I think you're better off renting a small flat.

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Monday, November 09, 2009


The storefront that housed hat shop at the corner ( )of Mitudella and Aza is now an ice cream shop with outdoor seating. In addition to tables and chairs, they’ve put cushions on the low wall the Municipality build as part of the marker for David Siton Square.

On the one hand, can I sit thereon if I'm not eating their ice cream? On the other, pleasant to see people using the wall.

Lots of people around is one reason I feel safe walking alone in the area late at night.

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Birds Fly Free

After you deplane at TLV (aka Ben Gurion airport or nahtbahg) you walk along the long corridor that tells international arrivals "You're not there yet." The grace of this one is soothing. At one point the glass wall to your right gives you a view down at the fountain in the central departures hall. To your left you can see outside, but no vistas. Soon outside wall to your right you can see another wall. High on it, metal birds soar as their real models do when migrating through Israeli airspace. In your own corridor, on the low wall of the moving walkway, they've painted birds, these bright and colorful. Welcome to Israel.