Friday, February 14, 2014

Hand-Painted Eyewear

A sign in an optician's near the tom of the ben Yehuda pedestrian mall offers "hand-pained eyewear.

Eyewear may be a word coming into fashion (though the spell checker does not recognize it), but I'd have thought it meant contact lenses. What the store is selling, however, is hand-painted frames. I doubt these will come into fashion, but weirder sights have.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Number 9 bus

Crossing from the Central Bus Station after a day-trip to Beersheva and the Negev, I was surprised to see the number 9 bus. On the front it proclaimed Giv'at Mordehai as its destination. Good. That would take it through Rehavia. To be sure, when the man getting on after me asked whether the bus was going to Rehavia, the driver answered that it would take ong to get there. But I was already settled.

A turn left on Saei Yisrael, and I figured I'd get a tour of Sikhron Moshe on our way to Kiakh St. Instead we made a series of loops: around Romema, then Kiryat Bels, Kiyat Ganz, Ezrat Torah. I'd been to Romema, in jeans on a wet and cold winter day a few years back to retrieve a hat a tourist friend forgot in n apartment in one of the huge, many entried, apartment blocks. The other neighborhoods are similar. Eventually we reached Kerem Avraham through which I'd walked on a tour of Amos Oz's childhood sights.

Women and girls got on the bus and off at their destinations. "Did they sit in the back?" i was asked later. No, and no one hassled me.

Men and women got on, and off a few stops later. All the men were dressed in black, the women in black or dark grey, their mothers' and grandmothers' colors relegated to family photographs for now.

Eventually we turned on Strauss, continued to HaNeviim, and were on Kiakh. One black clad man remained. He got off on Ushishkin. Women and girls and men and boys in jeans got on. They have their own fashions.

The Kharedim ride the bus more than others do -- though their neighborhoods are now also full of parked cars. So each bus stop in their neighborhoods has long lists of buses, and no doubt when the number 9's ridership went down, someone, or a computer said, "We'll get lots of riders north of Derekh Yafo."

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Olympics on Hot channel 20

The commentators talk about the ice skating contestants, their style, and the competition requirements before the music stops. After the closing bow, they analyze the performance. During, they let us watch and listen.

Quite different from the last time I watched.

A change, or just a difference in how different countries broadcast the sport on TV?

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Bibles at the Bible Lands Museum

The Bible Lands Museum has an excellent, temporary exhibit of Bibles, including millennia-old fragments, hand-written scrolls, hand-written books, the first printed versions, and various oddities. Some are reproductions, but that made them no less interesting to me.

The temporary exhibits at the BLM always make their material interesting.

Afterwards I did a little googling of the sponsors and those who had leant material from their collections. I was reminded that, except in the case of violent opinions and actions, I can enjoy the work of someone I strongly disagree with.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Etnachta Goes Worldwide

Last night's etnachta concert was wonderful. EBU (the Euopean Broadcast Union) invited the Israel Broadcast Authority to present a concert to be broadcast worldwide. IBA brought together excellent musicians and a good range of short compositions.

Lauren Shehadeh opened the program with Psalm 130 sung in Arabic. (Did you know that the Arabic translation of the Psalter was one of the sources for the committee that produced the King James Bible translation?) Her voice was wonderful, beautiful, delicately powerful.

The moderator iterated that the program is on the iba website. I keep looking. If I find it, I'll say more about it, but you'll be able to see, and hear, for yourself as the broadcast was in "visual radio" q.v.

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Monday, February 03, 2014

To The Dead Sea and Back

Egged has started selling advanced tickets on buses to the Dead Sea. Tickets bought ahead for buses to Eilat have, for some time, brought a promise of a seat. If they sell more than a bus-full of tickets, Egged adds a bus. I'm guessing the Dead Sea route will work the same way. Up to now on the Dead Sea route, if the bus filled up, those still in line had to wait for the next scheduled bus, about a hour in the morning.

The 486 bus to the Dead Sea stops at Kumrun (get off along the Kalya access road), Ein Gedi and Massada before it gets to the hotels and spas in Ein Bokek. When you want to return to Jerusalem from Kalya, inside Kibbutz Ein Gedi, or Massada ask the driver to make sure you are taking the bus in the correct direction.

Decide ahead of time which Ein Gedi stop you want -- the field school, hostel and hiking path, the Kibbutz and guest house, or the spa.

Happy travels.

Copyright 2014 Jane S. Fox

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